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Pull Guests is based on web technologies and therefore able to run in a wide range of devices including desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smart-phones.


Our platform can be easily and securely accessed from everywhere. Hotel managers and property owners can now have real-time information about their business.


We offer powerful analytics in our platform with the goal of helping property owners to keep track of their business.

Property Management

Hotels have different configurations, shapes and sizes. With Pull Guests, you can configure any type of property. You can manage Dorms, individual rooms and any other type of room configuration working seamlessly.

You may also use our system to manage multiple properties in a single unified platform.


You can keep track of your client's reservations with our platform, Pull Guests, in order to keep your business organized.

Our platform features an artificial intelligence solution that assigns rooms to your reservations in order to maximize occupancy and other criteria you define.

Rate Management

Pull Guests suggests prices according to the past hotel occupancy. Our artificial intelligence algorithms try to predict occupancy and suggest prices in order to optimize your profits.

Channels Manager

Every reservation gets into our system. No need for external integration. Pull Guests does it all.

Efficiently manage all the online distribution channels where your property is advertised.

Hotel Historical information

Old information is not just junk, it can be used for analysis and extraction of useful information for the present. Pull Guests helps with this task by making suggestions whenever possible, even though you have the final decision.

Point of Sale (POS)

Our platform includes a point of sale system where you can organize all the services that are provided in your property.

The POS system can be used in restaurants or bars to manage orders from your customers.

This module also allows you to include all the other extra services that you provide, like laundry, SPA, rented spaces, etc...

After the service is provided, you can associate the bill to a client's reservation, or handle the transaction immediately.


Pull Guests features a powerful analytics tool where the property owners and managers can keep track of their business, compare the results with previous periods and even make forecasts about future performance.

Our charts are fully customizable and can be used by the property managers in a wide range of manners serving as an easy way to provide information to the shareholders and analyzing the business performance.

Booking engine for property website

We know that some small-sized properties usually do not have a booking system in their website so we jumped in to fix this problem.

Our booking widget can be easily embedded in your website so that your clients can quickly book a stay in your property.

We built our booking widget to be very flexible and fully customizable so that it can be easily adapted to your own needs.

Our system obtains information like geographic location of the user who is trying to book a reservation and allows you to define custom prices based on that information. This powerful system was built with the goal of helping you to optimize your revenues.

Data Protection

Pull Guests features a module integrated with EuroDPMS, a data protection management system that allows your property to comply with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

If your property is located inside the European Union, you can use this module to assist your organization to comply with the data protection regulation and avoid penalties up to 20,000,000€


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